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A Note About Survival Resources

When we take the time to consider how our survival strategies have been showing up in our lives, we may become aware of how they’re not really serving our highest good. Given this newfound knowledge, it can be tempting to try to do everything we can to avoid or let go of our survival strategies.

(NOTE: If the concept of survival strategies is new to you, check out my previous post on “The Role of Survival Resources in Coping with Stress and Trauma” to learn more.)

You may be familiar with the concept of “releasing what no longer serves you.” While it’s a well-intentioned sentiment, the reality is that we don’t simply “release” our survival strategies with conscious intention alone. If we could do that, most of us would probably have done so by now.

The hard—but hopefully, liberating—truth is that our survival strategies will naturally begin to soften their grip on us when we no longer need them… and not a moment sooner.

Rather than making huge efforts to monitor, avoid, and interrupt our strategies, we can focus on two things that will actually support the transformation we’re seeking:

#1 – We can gently, gradually introduce generative resources.

#2 – We can seek out the support of a trauma-informed coach, therapist, or other practitioner who can skillfully guide us to resolve the underlying impulses that are driving our survival strategies in the first place.

My forthcoming workbook focuses on resources, because it’s what I’m able to offer in a written format.

That said, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to work with a trauma-informed practitioner. There is no replacement for having someone who can witness our hurt, affirm our humanity, and gently guide us toward healing.

Ideally, we would engage with both of these approaches at once for the greatest efficacy. 

Especially because so much of our suffering is caused by relational wounding, having a relationship with a professional who holds you in consistent positive regard, whose sole intention is to support your healing, is absolutely essential.

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Xo, Lindsay

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