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My Claiming Your Resources Workbook is Here! 

I’m so excited to share that my Claiming Your Resources workbook is finally here!
This one-of-a-kind workbook is designed to help you illuminate the not-so-helpful habits that have been keeping you stuck and get crystal clear about the beneficial resources that are uniquely available to YOU.
What’s a resource, you ask? According to Dr. Albert Wong, the Director of Somatic Psychology at JFK University: “Resources are anything that a person can call upon, internal or external, that helps to reestablish a sense of well-being or safety in the world.”
Resources don’t have to be tangible. They can be anything at all that helps us to cope with what we’re experiencing, both within ourselves and from the environment and relationships around us. It can be as simple as taking a deep breath during a tense moment, or as complex as clarifying and communicating a boundary in an important relationship. Whatever we do to take care of ourselves when we’re feeling stressed, triggered, or overwhelmed can be considered a resource.
And resources are key to cultivating our resilience, establishing (or deepening) our self-trust, and navigating difficult situations without losing ourselves in the process.

Inside the Claiming Your Resources workbook, you’ll learn about and explore… 

Plus, you’ll also develop your own personal Roadmap to Resilience, so that you can be prepared with the tools to grow and thrive, wherever life’s journey takes you.
And its all yours… for FREE! Yes, this is a totally free resource, at least for the foreseeable future (though I’ll be honest… I put so much work into it that I will likely convert it to a paid product later this year, but not just yet).
Just fill out the form in the green box below this post to get your free copy of the Claiming Your Resources workbook! A bit more info about the workbook can also be found here.
I hope you get lots of benefit from this workbook! If you love it and you know someone else who would love it too, go ahead and forward this email to them so they can claim their copy (while it’s still free)!
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