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The Eight Categories of Generative Resources

As important as our survival resources can be in helping us deal with stressful circumstances, they generally will not support us to heal, grow, or move forward. The resources that help us survive are rarely the ones that will enable us to thrive. That’s where Generative Resources come in!

I’ve identified eight different but interrelated categories of Generative Resources. These categories are as follows: I’ve included an example of each to get you better acquainted with the idea of these distinct categories. 

Environmental – Resources related to your physical environment. This includes both the natural world, as well as your surroundings, wherever you are in this moment.

Somatic – Resources that have to do with your experience of your physical body, including your five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste).

Emotional – Resources that primarily relate to your emotional state and expression. Often these resources support increased emotional regulation and self-attunement.

Mental – Resources that stimulate your intellect and curiosity, occupy your mind, or intentionally engage with your thoughts and beliefs in an affirming way.

Interpersonal – Resources that involve connecting with others, including friends, family, community, animal companions, even plants and other living beings.

Creative – Resources that engage with or stimulate creativity. This includes artistic pursuits, as well as all other forms of creative expression.

Energetic – Resources that support, protect, or maintain your energy. Includes caretaking your body, setting boundaries, as well as energy healing practices.

Spiritual – Resources that engage with spirituality. May include meditation, prayer, ritual; connecting with spirit guides, ancestors, or the natural world.

These categories tap into practical, essential aspects of our lives: our environment, our creativity, our relationships, our spirituality, and so on. Once you begin to look around you, you’ll notice that there are ways to resource yourself in nearly every situation. Simply pausing and noticing what you need in the moment is enough to begin your journey toward becoming better resourced and more resilient.

I can’t wait to share the full workbook, which will support you to expand your awareness of your resources and build your resiliency “toolbox.” The forthcoming Claiming Your Resources workbook has pages for you to fill out on your own, so you can get clear on what resources relate best to your life and your needs. 



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