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Envisioning new possibilities for clients where they feel they are enough / competent, feel connected with themselves and other people, with relationships that fill them up – capacity 

That there’s something different possible for clients than what they’re currently living – 

I envision a world that is free from trauma, with relationships that heal rather than harm, within each of us and among each other 

I envision a world that is better than this one and I believe we get there through doing the work individually and in community

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To support people to step into their sovereignty and embody their innate capacity for resilience, so they feel empowered to live a fulfilling life of their own creation with meaningful connections / relationships with themselves and others.

Lindsay Tauscher is a trauma-informed healer and coach. By weaving together her expertise in trauma recovery, energy healing, mindfulness, and somatics, she helps women, femmes & nonbinary folks become more resilient, sovereign, and self-trusting. She believes that it is each of our birthright to live a self-directed life of our own creation, one that enables us to thrive in healthy, interdependent relationships, both with other humans and the natural world. For the past eight years, she has supported hundreds of clients and nearly a thousand students in doing just that.

“Wonderful energy healing session. I would recommend Lindsay to all. She was patient and made me feel comfortable while going through the steps. I felt comfortable asking questions and got a lot out of the healing and advice she gave to me for self-care.”